How music could be beneficial

Music has been one of the greatest things in life for many people. It is a huge part of today’s pop culture as it defines what the generation of today is like. A lot of us come across music unknowingly every day. Whether it is on the radio, tv or social media, it is everywhere. 

Many believe that it is the universal language of humans as it transcends every language barrier. Music could be fun or sad and this will somehow resonate with people. With this, it leaves the question of why it is important.

Music may be everywhere, but do we benefit from it? A person who may be listening to an artist from kings9ja could experience the great effects of the musical notes of their songs. There are tons of benefits to listening to music. Here are some you need to know: 

Music can improve general health

Music is amazing. Greatly affecting one of your five senses is how it helps with general health. It stimulates your brain, helping with stress, memory and pain relief. Many studies suggest that it may also lower blood pressure and high heart rate. Moreover, there are also situations where music reduces anxiety and helps improve mood for the better. 

Music helps with mental health

Music is not a direct cure for mental health but has helped tremendously in improving emotional expression and conveying one’s feelings. In an age where suicide is the leading cause of death among young people, many have suggested music-based activities to help with this. 

The best music activity for mental health has not been determined yet as this requires more research but we are in the right direction. There have been highly convincing results whereas music has been a great treatment for depression symptoms. 

Music can improve confidence

Learning how to play music can improve confidence. There are tons of services and products that can make the process of learning an instrument easier to achieve. Skills such as reading music, listening and expressing may help in building that confidence. 

The more you practice and perfect your craft in performing, the more you become confident.

Music release the happiness chemical

When you’re feeling a bit dour, listen to some music. There are researches that proves how music is able to influence a person’s mood. Upbeat or positive music can help brighten your day. Surprisingly, sad music can also boost your mood. When listening to music you like, it triggers the release of dopamine, the happiness chemical, in the brain.

Music is an outlet for creativity

Music is a great platform for expression. People share their cultural and social backgrounds through songs that help other people in some way. Many artists convey their messages behind the lyrics of their songs. These messages usually depict the current state of the world. 

Musicians from kings9ja are able to share their music but also portray their Nigerian culture. It is a way for them to get their voices and expression heard by the people

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